DC: Meet your newest realtor

Miss Shannon-a nowIn late 2010, I became the proud owner of my first home. I started this blog to both track my progress renovating and to bring positive attention to my neighborhood. Needless to say, the renovation project encountered challenges, and my attention shifted to learning how to caulk, tile, level floors, install new flooring, put together kitchen cabinetry … you get the picture. My friends and family helped me turn my renovation mess into the place I call “home.”

Instead of my posts about Anacostia and my home’s progress, I am thankful to DC’s UrbanTurf (see before and after) and the The Washington Post’s Express which did a superb job.

Shannon-a (Renovation Project #1) is now mostly … almost, complete! I’ve come to realize there always things to fix and change. For example, I’m still trying to make a rolling bookshelf idea work….Alas, here are some pictures of my first home’s rehabilitation: (1) The renovation process explained in pictures (2) House post-renovation  (3) Landscape 

Five years later — just as Shannon-a gets ready to celebrate her 100th birthday — I am about to embark upon my second home renovation in Anacostia. Despite the challenges, you see, rehabilitating houses is my passion. General contractor license in my future?! YES.

Most importantly, for now, I’ve begun a dual career: I am now a licensed real estate agent in Washington, DC! So, while you all know I’m a fan of Anacostia, I can now help you find a home anywhere in the District. Try me out:http://www.homesnap.com/real-estate-agents/KRISTINA-LESZCZAK

And, here’s to posting more regularly about renovation #2!

Landscape Design by Bona Terra LLC

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