You don’t wake up thinking, today my dog is going to die. But, he did. I’m en route to Ohio now to hold Ralfe one last time before I let him go to run wild, forever and always.

Rescued in Haiti, Ralfe had just turned 3 in August (I swear he was a Leo, in personality and character). When I had my first pet, Cori, I was in middle school, or perhaps elementary. I literally remember worrying about how long he would live (15 years seemed a long ways away)! As a dog mom to Ralfe, the thought of my life without him — even after he lived a long and full life — brought me to tears. To think he didn’t even make it to play with my (future) kids … no words. To think I helped save his life in Haiti to only have it end tragically in the U.S. … no words. To think his small, strong body was left on the road after being hit, with the driver leaving him to bleed and bleed … no words.

To all those who knew Ralfe, they know the street dog mentality never quite left the dog. He was energetic beyond belief, and ate every meal as if it were his last. Listening he did, on occasion. The Ralfe that I saw, however, was not only mischievous. He was curious, in a beautiful way, and he loved me and my family unconditionally. He helped me rescue and feed many a stray dog in Haiti. He snuggled under my covers. Jumped and howled in greeting, always. Followed me at home, everywhere. Listened to me sing, without complaint. Allowed me to carry him like a baby, and dance, dance, dance. He was my renovation buddy. He was my cheerleader. He helped me appreciate life outside of the office, outside of real estate, outside of Home Depot and IKEA (though he would patiently wait for me in the car while I ran my errands). His sweet face, trying  to process scents and places and things at a mile a minute while walking Roosevelt Island, left me laughing.

I loved you Ralfe, I always will. Mwen renmen ou.

Silly a request as this may be, if you have any memories of my crazy pup, please post them for me to remember.

Pictures Celebrating Life:
(1) Little, Haiti, US: https://goo.gl/photos/Wtsb8F4naXRjryiC9
(2) U.S.: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AoFzXgzKBWbarloMrP6tFCxUHk1_
Hit and Run (not pretty, do not open if you do not wish to): http://1drv.ms/1NBDRlA

Run free, puppy baby.





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  1. Ralphe – zanmim – You were always so good at taking care of my good friend K. I remember those first crazy days in CAS, man. Was there any object you wouldn’t eat? Even then, it seems like you knew K was destined to be rehab rockstar – so you gave her lot of little training projects by tearing into everything you could. You were an endless bundle of joy and energy. I’m going to miss you in the neighborhood. Your energy was truly infectious.

  2. My favorite memory of Ralphe was how he would just appear on the darkness, staring in through the CAS back door. He was so funny, and so full of energy. Emmitt just couldn’t keep up – Ralphe ran circles around the other pups. Sending hugs!!!

  3. Ralphie- we’re so sorry. We will always remember you as our playful neighbor pup who grew bigger than us in like a week! You were always down for a run, a play, a wet kiss.

    Thank you for bringing such joy into your mom’s life, and to all of ours as well. Go play!

    Sadie and Scipio

  4. I’m so sorry K. He was so full of energy. I still remember pet sitting the little guy at Handal. He kept me on my toes, but always a loving puppy 🙂 Big hugs for you.

  5. I never got to know Ralfe that well, but I do remember one time I brought Rosey over for the day… can’t remember why exactly… I think it was a work day so we had to figure out how to accomodate both of them in your house. You had all the furniture from your whole first floor in one room so that energetic Ralfe wouldn’t tear it up! I’m not sure what solution we worked out, but I was impressed by the lengths you went to do take care of young Ralfe. So sorry K. Hugs to you.

  6. I remember one morning in CAS, it was a work day and I can’t remember why I was home, but I do remember being startled by someone trying to come through the patio door. It was one of Ralfe’s first pet sitters. As I watched her run around to the front of the houses, I walked out and asked why she had tried to enter my house. Before she could respond, I saw two other people chasing Ralfe in vain (because he was much faster and more agile than both of them). As I watched them running aimlessly trying to corner Ralfe and watching Ralfe excitedly dodge their attempts, I walked to the end of my driveway, knelt down and called for him to come to me. Without hesitation, Ralfe stopped, looked up, ran right past his two pursuers and straight to me. I praised him for listening, gave him a treat and walked him to his house. He was a sweet puppy with so much energy and love to share. He was so lucky to have had you to share that love.

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