DC Welcomes Pope Francis

While I may only hear the sirens and see the throngs of people awaiting a glimpse of Pope Francis, it is remarkable to think that he is here, in a town I now call home. Beinvenido Papa Francisco

DC Market Trends

Pictures and the story behind my renovation's yellow pine to come soon (proud I am!), but first ... I just wanted to say, shout out to all of the buyers who are successfully purchasing homes in Washington. Why, you ask? Because, in short, buying in D.C. is competitive -- with plenty more losers than winners. Check... Continue Reading →

Peebles 100% affordable housing project in Anacostia but 0% affordable housing in NE project

Popular in my Anacostia's community listserv today, we discuss concentrating affordable housing in our neighborhood.  It is incredibly disappointing to see hotel and apartment development, including a dog park and eateries, planned for 5th and I when Anacostia consistently gets the equivalent of the middle finger from developers. The city dumps low-income housing into our neighborhood.  Is... Continue Reading →


Hello! So, tiling has started at Shannon #2. Having practiced on Shannon #1, I thought my second time around would be a breeze. Then, I remembered the importance of leveling, that thinset can be messy, and, of course, the importance of appropriately cutting the tiles used. I also came to realize that pre-mixed thinset can... Continue Reading →

Fire proof a hole, you say?

I learned something new today. Holes, see below for pictures, made for PVC piping and electrical wiring that lead to a different floor (e.g. crawl space below, or second floor above) require a fire retardant foam prior to closing in the walls. Thank you, Max Insulation and DCRA framing inspector, for catching my lack of... Continue Reading →

Weekend Tiling

Never as much as you'd like to complete when it comes to planning and renovating,  it's time to take a shower, go buy me a toilet, and enjoy the rest of Memorial Day with Ralfster.

New Construction in Historic Anacostia

    Seen from the alley, this set of row homes in Historic Anacostia has been under construction for just a few months. The properties will be move-in ready come August. Following a similar style no matter what street they pop up on, they provide a thoughtful mix of old and new in my favorite... Continue Reading →

Home Inspections – Comparing Notes

Prior to purchasing real property (aka your home!), most buyers choose to hire a home inspector to perform a limited examination of their prospective home. I recently had the opportunity to see how home inspectors conduct an inspection … on two different homes in D.C. While the method and steps taken at each home did... Continue Reading →

Renovating using a 203K Loan

This afternoon I close on my second home in Anacostia. Like Shannon 1 (my first home, which I fondly call “Miss Shannon”), this property requires rehabilitation. While not new to the renovation process per se, it is the first time that I will be working with a renovation loan. Also known as a 203K loan,... Continue Reading →

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