Excavation #LittleK

In thinking about excavation as it applies to home construction, I did a little bit of digging myself (research-wise only, no manual labor here just yet). Excavation in and of itself is the process of removing earth to form a cavity in the ground. There’s topsoil excavation, rock excavation, muck excavation, and even ‘unclassified’ excavation.

In the case of #2308, excavation work will allow for building a back addition foundation and a side addition that will be of legal basement height. The latter will allow placement of the home’s mechanical systems while the former will one day boast #2308’s dining / den area on the first floor and master suite on the second. The original basement, for anyone wondering, will function as a bonus storage space. The ceiling height as it is now would otherwise prove too low to allow for a legal, habitable space.

p.s. Fun fact, while the Roman engineer Vitruvius gave descriptions of heavy equipment in Ancient Rome, until the 20th century (more or less), hand tools were the primary earthmoving ‘machine’!

Enough writing. Here are today’s excavation shots!

Phase I Begins | #2308

Also dubbed #LittleK, this week marks Week 1 of #2308 lovin’ in the form of construction. Phase I will involve the following: excavation, foundation, masonry, underpinning, and waterproofing. The focus this week has been the excavation work needed to build the foundation for the property’s rear addition.


And, in the week prior, #2308 had some leaning trees removed. Power lines, severe wind, and overgrown branches do not mix.


Now, if only my professionally-landscaped yard with its brown grass looked as good as these weeds, trimmed. 🙂


p.s. For those still reading, Miss Utility is a thing. 811 as 311. Call before you dig!

Getting a Building Permit

When applying for a building permit with DCRA, as the homeowner in years past I have used the Homeowner’s Center (excellent resource!) or used the Postcard Permit online system. Not so for this next rehabilitation, my biggest to date. Review Cycle Three (3) begins. Fingers crossed this next round leads to a building permit so that work can finally begin! In the interim, the mowing season is upon us and the weeds and grass sure do grow … way too fast.

Value and Style | 420 16th Street SE Unit 203

Check out this UrbanLand Company #ULC blog post which takes a closer look at 1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom listings in and around Capitol Hill. 420 16th Street Unit 203 has original wood floors, a modern kitchen, W/D, private storage, and even provides the option to purchase one of the building’s only five parking spaces. Haven’t checked out Unit 203 yet?! Fight the cold and do so this week!

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